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CalenGoo SMS Add-On

Developer: Calendar Apps by E-sites

This app works only together with the app "CalenGoo" and has to be installed after it!It allows you to automatically send reminder text messages (SMS) from your phone to e.g. customers or other persons. They are sent a configurable time before an event starts. You can set a phone number, a text and a relative time for each reminder. You can configure it in CalenGoo under "Settings > Contact notifications" after installing CalenGooSMS.
Additionally you can email SMS reminders to yourself or another fixed number as Google Calendar could do it in the past (now Google Calendar sends SMS reminders only for certain paid Google accounts).
The free version is fully functional but will add "Sent by CalenGoo" to each SMS that is sent to a customer. You can remove it for a small fee.
If you have any problems please contact .
The text messages (SMS) are sent from your phone as if you would send them yourself, i.e. SMS charges may apply.